Stone Studio co is Harry Stone, a multidisciplinary designer.


Hello, Harry here! I am a designer who specialising is graphic design, illustration, branding and UI/UX design.
I'm armed with just over 7 years experience in the design industry and over 10 years in the gym (crossfit, olympic weightlifting and bodybuilding). I was able to combine my passions to create a studio that focuses on creating bold and playful designs that can inspire and motivate in the gym, office or at home.
I think of myself as wearing quite a lot of hats. I do have a full time job as a product (UI,UX) designer. Then one of the hats I wear is Stone Creative Studio Co which offers its design services. Then there is Stone as a clothing brand and then as an online commerce site selling apparel, prints and other goods.
What started as a clothing brand to fill a gap in the market that I saw, where all the gym clothes I saw were either just logos on a t-shirt or the graphic was an arm pump and a dumbbell. I wanted to give fitness some personality. It quickly developed into a creative studio that offered design services and e-commerce help to other gyms and clubs, outfitting their members in a style of clothing generally referred to as athletic streetwear.
Don't take life too seriously, have fun, work hard, express yourself and design good shit are all foundational to the work produced at Stone Studio co.
Using an iPad, Procreate and Adobe Illustrator. Every graphic is hand drawn and then using a print on demand service here in the UK, the products are produced and sent out to you.
If you want to check out more behind the scenes of Stone or my life, check out the below:
Personal Instagram @harrystoneart
STONE Instagram @stonecreativestudioco